Join a half-day intensive training with Jan Willem Groenenberg & Sander van de Velde.

About the training

Imagine a remote located machine malfunctioning and getting restarted, based on the received telemetry and created insights in the cloud. You will simulate this situation in this hands-on lab. You will be building a solution to get the malfunctioning machine back up running again.

In this hands-on lab, you will be creating the complete chain from configuring, connecting a IoT device via LoRa technology to The Things Network (TTN) cloud, bridging the gap between the TTN platform and the Microsoft Azure IoT platform, creating actionable insights and sending commands all the way back to the IoT device. This includes assembling hardware, configuring hardware and configuring software and coding the missing logic to a complete IoT solution.

Technologies used during the hands-on lab; Arduino development boards, sensors, The Things Network platform, LoRa & Lora WAN and the Microsoft Azure IoT Platform including Azure IoT Hub, Azure Stream analytics, Azure Event hub, Azure Web Jobs, Azure blob storage and Azure Functions.

This hands-on lab will be guided by Jan Willem Groenenberg and Sander van de Velde , so attendees have on site support for questions. We will also provide background information about the used components in the hands-on lab. The hands-on lab is created in conjunction with Microsoft Nederland and Atos who provide devices used in the hands-on lab. Devices used will remain property of Microsoft and Atos. Emulators are available for those who want to explore further on this topic after the hands-on lab.

Make sure to bring your laptop and have a great start exploring the unique combination of LoRa devices and Microsoft Azure cloud.

The trainers

Jan Willem Groenenberg, IoT Integration Architect

As a senior expert at Atos, I work in the field of cloud, mobile, digital signage and the Internet of Things (IoT) where I try to accomplish innovative solutions.
With more than 15 years of experience in web development, I started to explore the world of mobile apps in 2014. More recently I added the world ‘Internet of Things’ to my interest and field of work.
I love to share my knowledge with others. That is why I am a public speaker. I also share feedback as a member of the Azure Advisory Board.

Sander van de Velde, IoT Integration Architect

I am involved in the IoT Platform part of Azure (eg. IoTHub, StreamAnalytics, Azure Functions, etc.) and IoT in general. I’ve been presented with the 2017 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award and I’m a member of the Microsoft Azure Advisory Board. My motto is: 'you are what you share'. For me, it is important to share knowledge. And I am committed doing so by writing blogs, articles for magazines and giving lots of presentations.

Training fee: €120/participant plus VAT, only 25 seats available