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Meet the superheroes: Holly Cummins


Holly Cummins is a Senior Technical Staff Member and Innovation Leader at IBM. She is the co-author of Enterprise OSGi in Action, an Oracle Java Champion, IBM Q Ambassador, and JavaOne Rock Star, so if your field of interest is Java, then Holly is definitely someone you have heard of.

What makes Holly a superhero for us, is that during her time as a lead developer in the IBM Garage, she has led projects to count fish, help a blind athlete run ultra-marathons in the desert solo, improve health care for the elderly, and change how city parking works.

You have a chance to meet Holly in person at Codecamp_Festival, on May 19th 2022, in Bucharest, but until then, we thought to give you a sneak-peak and let you meet the human behind the superhero:

Codecamp: What is your favourite book?
Holly: I re-read The Hobbit often. I love the language he uses, and I think we can all relate to Bilbo’s internal conflict between seeking adventure and eating second breakfast somewhere snug.

Codecamp: Who are you looking forward to seeing at Codecamp_Festival, next year?
Holly: Oooh, tough choice! There are lots of great speakers there, and I’m looking forward to Dylan Beattie and Dave Farley, but I’m most-most-looking forward to Kevlin Henney. He’s always engaging, funny, and educational.

Codecamp: What is your favourite tech event? Besides Codecamp, of course.
Holly: JavaLand is set in an amusement park, which is fabulously surreal. Some of the stages have skeletons and other props, and the evening entertainment is going on all the rides. I also appreciate the talk selection at the GOTO events and always learn something new.

Codecamp: Seeing as how you are one of our favourite Superheroes, who is yours?
Holly: Shadowcat.

Codecamp: Where is your favourite place to take a break from it all?
Holly: I often go to Trouville in Normandy because it has a beach and I get to eat all the French bread, cheese, and wine I can fit in. I’m very food-motivated.

Codecamp: What is your favourite cocktail?
Holly: A sidecar! (Although if I’m being strictly honest I like talking about sidecars to sound cool, but I end up drinking margaritas more regularly.)

Codecamp: What about music?
Holly: Skinny puppy

If you want to meet Holly and the rest of our amazing Superheroes in person, we’ve got you covered: May 19th 2022, Face Convention Center, Bucharest.

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