It’s about what happens next_

May 2023 _ Face Convention Center, Bucharest, Romania


27 October 2022 _ Cluj-Napoca


3 November 2022 _ Iasi

What happens next_

Have a look at the events we’re organising in the next months.

27 October 2022
27 October 2022
3 November 2022
3 November 2022
May 2023
Meet all your superheroes in one day
May 2023

The spirit of Codecamp

We are a group of people that believed in building a strong IT community in Romania. In a nutshell, since 2008, Codecamp is about bringing together kick-ass speakers, leading companies and software development geeks, to create the perfect environment for ideas to spark. And then set the world on fire.

It’s about what happens next_

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Dealing With Distributed Data in Microservices, with Mark Richards


In 2020 we decided to take over the whole world, and so, Codecamp went online. Our main goal remained to bring you cool insights from the best minds in the IT industry, now at a click of a button.

With a growing audience from 5 continents and 97 countries, E-confs are here to stay. We are running several online events every year, with over 50 sessions from gurus in the realms of architecture and software design, Java, .NET, frontend, DevOps, AI, testing and methodology, all for free.

27 October 2022
3 November 2022

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If you want to level-up, join one of our in-depth, hands-on workshops, addressing a diverse range of disciplines and technologies. You will be led in this quest by top trainers and IT specialists from all over the world.


One hour sessions full of insights from top experts that give your day a dose of fresh thoughts. Level up your game, be part of the conversation! Join our Codecamp_Talks.

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Call for partners

Want to be part of something great? We’re here to help you! Together we’ll make awesome things happen.

Join us in Bucharest, at Codecamp_The Festival, or at one of our e-confs.

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Call for speakers

Do you have something new and exciting to share with the community? You can rock the stage at the next Codecamp event.

Choose your poison from Data & AI, Architecture & Design, Software Craftmanship, Programming Languages & Frameworks, Cloud & DevOps.

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