About us

The story by the campfire

Codecamp started in 2008, as an answer to the growing demand of the early IT community for a place where they could share ideas and grow. Now, Codecamp has become one of the reference IT events in Romania, staying true to its core value: inspiring and helping software developers become better.

And because this story would indeed sound better by the fire, but we know most likely this isn’t possible right now, just grab a cup of coffee, sit comfortably in your chair and take a couple of minutes to read this.

The festival

Codecamp_Festival is a one-of-a-kind experience, mixing learning from the best speakers out there, from all over the world, with the glitz and glamour of a true music festival.

Four awesome stages, three inspiring keynotes, seeing your superheroes up close and personal and making new connections, in a laid back and friendly scenery, who said learning can’t be fun?


Conferences are what we do best! Whether they are in-person or online, we strive to bring you cool insights from the best minds in the IT industry, in a city near you or at a click of a button.

Let’s meet in Iasi, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca or online, and meet gurus from the realms of architecture and software design, Java, .NET, frontend, DevOps, AI, testing and methodology.


If you want to level-up, join one of our in-depth, hands-on workshops, addressing a diverse range of disciplines and technologies. You will be led in this quest by top trainers and IT specialists from all over the world.


Codecamp exists thanks to the involvement of individuals, companies and communities. Codecamp aims to become the place where everyone is heard, the place where no idea is thrown to waste and where creativity is at home.


Innovation is defined as a “new idea, creative thoughts, new imaginations in form of device or method”. We like to think that this is synonymous with Codecamp. Since it began in 2008, Codecamp has been a strong promoter of thinking outside the box and of not being afraid to be different. Innovation will always be welcome here.


Year after year we try to make Codecamp bigger and better. And our main reason for doing this is that we made a promise all those years ago, to become the best IT community in Romania. Codecamp will continue on this quest no matter what.

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Call for partners

Want to be part of something great? We’re here to help you! Together we’ll make awesome things happen.

Join us in Iasi, Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara or online.

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Call for volunteers

Are you the kind of person that likes to help, have fun and learn? Then volunteering might be the thing for you!

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