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May 19 _ Face Convention Center, Bucharest, Romania

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Software developers, let’s gather in Bucharest!

Prepare to enter a land where knowledge and fun go hand in hand: 19 game changers in IT will take over 3 stages, leading companies will be there to woo you, you’ll have the chance to meet new people while at the same time you’ll have great food, drinks and music.

Codecamp_Festival is where you need to be.

To meet the superheroes that changed the game in software development.

It’s your chance to expand your network of geeks.

If you’re anything like us, then you like learning new stuff as much as drinking a glass of beer or prosecco on ice while chilling out to great music.

How to get to the festival

If you’ll stay somewhere else, this is how you can get to Codecamp_Festival:


Enjoy a beautiful bike ride to the North of Bucharest and we’ll wait for you with a coffee (or beer, even if it’s in the morning, we don’t judge, pinky promise!)


Take M2 to Aviatorilor and a [30 min] walk in the park / Bus 331 from Piata Charles de Gaulle to Piata Presei Libere


Order a Bolt car or electric scooter, enter discount code Codecamp and enjoy your ride and 20% off!


Coming by car? / Looking for a ride? Be green! Come together! Post in the Festival App - Ride-sharing channel and find one or more Codecampers to share the ride with!


We have beer and prosecco, but if that’s not enough to make you leave your car at home, we do have parking. And please see the above 🙂

What to do in Bucharest?

Bucharest_The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

If you’re a sucker for mechanics, electricity and magnetism, atomic physics, steam engines, telecommunications, computers and printing machines, aviation and aerospatial engineering, hydraulic engineering, cinema, industrial machines, steel industry and the likes, then this is the place for you. The museum hosts, among other things, a mechanism to relocate buildings used in the 80s. Who wouldn’t want to see that?

The Palace of Parliament is the world’s second-largest administrative building (after the Pentagon) and former dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu’s most infamous creation. Started in 1984 (and still unfinished), the 330,000-sq-metre building has more than 3000 rooms. Entry is by guided tour only (book ahead).

If you think you know what kitch is, you haven’t seen the Romanian take on it yet! Experience comunism, be frightened by Dracula, enjoy some gipsy art all at the Romanian Kitsch Museum.

Ratatouille-ing in Bucharest

Fancy a nice lunch, brunch or dinner out? Have a look at the restaurants we like best in Bucharest:

Simbio – Finger licking Brunch! (But Covid taught us not to do that, right?)

Sardin – We mentioned fancy, didn’t we? Yeap, this is the place where you want to have your fancy dinner and your balanced wine.

Or are you more of a lovely garden, easy dinner type of a guy/gal? Then Acuarela Bistro, Gradina Eden and MercatoKultur are definitely the places you want to try!

Bucharest's Coyote Ugly

Good music, maybe even a concert, nice people, straightforward cocktails or a cold beer? Expirat is the place for you!

Stylish industrial location? Yeah, that can be a thing! Check out Spatiu Tehnic.

Fancy rooftop bars? Deschis Gastrobar is waiting for you.

Warm tea and a quiet garden? Have a look at Ceainaria Infinitea.


All info here.

We strongly encourage you to come by bike, metro or Bolt, so that you can properly enjoy Codecamp_Festival, but if that is not possible, we do have parking.

When you get to the Face Convention Center you will see the registration gate. There we will scan your ticket give you the access wristband.

Have a look here.

No festival would be complete without food! Check out the amazing food trucks that will be in charge of filling our stomachs! You’ll have your pick of delicios Mexican food from Mexican Bizness, juicy burgers from Burger Chef, take a trip to Colombia at Arepas or, if you’re in the mood for something sweet, stop by Delicii pe Roti for some waffles.

We’ll have warm coffee, cold beer and bubbly prosecco.

You will be able to purchase tickets online even on the day of the event.

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10% discount for participants

To benefit from the offer all you have to do is to send your request at [email protected] and mention you’re participating at Codecamp_Festival.

10% discount for participants

To benefit from the offer all you have to do is to send you request at [email protected] and mention you’re participating at Codecamp_Festival.

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10% discount for participants

10% discount from the price list. To benefit from the offer all you have to do is send your request at [email protected] and mention the following code: COCPISBE.

10% discount for participants

To benefit from the offer all you have to do is to send you request at [email protected] and mention the following code: CODECAMP