Codecamp_Festival 2022

Codecamp_Festival Meet all your superheroes in one day 19 May 2022 _ Face Convention Center, Bucharest, Romania See the pictures 9 A complete experience 19 superheroes 3 top-notch keynote 4 stages New connections Food and drinks Concert & afterparty Codecamp_The Festival is a one-of-a-kind experience, mixing learning from the best speakers out there, from all over […]

Meet the superheroes: Grace Jansen

What does a biologist and a Developer Advocate at IBM have in common? The answer is Grace Jansen. Moving from biology to software engineering has given Grace a unique edge, using her knowledge of biological systems to simplify complex software patterns and architectures, making things seem easy.   Adding to her superhero traits, Grace has […]

97 Things Every [Java] Programmer Should Know

On November 18th, we had the incredible opportunity to talk with Trisha Gee, Java Champion, and leader of the Java Developer Advocacy team at JetBrains, and Kevlin Henney, thought provoker at Curbralan, about the new book they edited, 97 Things Every [Java] Programmer Should Know. The book is made up of 97 chapters written by […]

Meet the superheroes: Holly Cummins

Holly Cummins is a Senior Technical Staff Member and Innovation Leader at IBM. She is the co-author of Enterprise OSGi in Action, an Oracle Java Champion, IBM Q Ambassador, and JavaOne Rock Star, so if your field of interest is Java, then Holly is definitely someone you have heard of. What makes Holly a superhero […]