Codecamp_Cluj-Napoca 2023

2 November 2023

Consultant, programmer, technologist, Curbralan

Hands-On Software Architect, Independent Consultant, Author

Award-winning author, founder of Agile Developer, Inc.

Software Architect and Lean/Agile Consultant, Gertrud & Cope

Software Architect & Meme Wrangler at ThoughtWorks

Radu Vunvulea - Codecamp

Group Head of Cloud Delivery @ Endava, Microsoft MVP

The speakers


These high-end workshops allow you to dive deeper into specific topics related to software development. The masterclasses are taught by experts in the field and offer a more personalized and interactive learning experience. You get to work closely with the instructor and other colleagues in a small-group setting and ask questions and get feedback in real time. Overall, they are a unique and valuable opportunity for anyone looking to expand their knowledge and expertise in software development and IT.
9:45 – 10:00

Hello, Cluj!

10:00 – 10:45

Technical Neglect

Many developers evoke the mischievous spirit and day-to-day burden of technical debt to explain the misfortunes and troubles of their codebase and delivery. While unmanaged technical debt weighs down many codebases and exerts drag on their schedules, it is more often an effect than a cause. In this talk, we will look at what is and is not meant by technical debt — and other metaphors — with a view to properly attributing the root and recurring cause as technical neglect than technical debt. Without seeing technical neglect for what it is, we will continue to misattribute our problems to an effect rather than a cause.

11:00 – 11:45

Rediscovering JavaScript

Based on the book with the same title as this talk, this presentation will explore the modern features of JavaScript that make this a pleasant language to use. Come to this presentation to get a quick jumpstart on the elegant capabilities from passing arguments, to creating iterators, to destructuring, and working with classes using ES 6 and beyond.

12:00 – 12:45

Testing Infrastructure as Code

Cloud automation and IaC are part of our day-to-day work. Do you test your IaC? What kind of IaC testing do you do? We look at the frameworks used for testing and the benefits at the project and cloud levels. In total, we cover ten slides and a lot of demos. Session keyword: #IaC #Terraform #ARM #Bicep #Testing #Azure

12:45 – 14:00

Lunch break

14:00 – 14:45

You want to buy a pound of mindset?

Agile folks have coopted the concept of “mindset” as a we-are-right-you-are-wrong badge of making change. Mindset is important, but it has little to do either with what the agile folks say it is, nor with the cumbersome happenstance way that agile works. I will introduce the concept of mindset, deconstruct the way that agile folks use the term, and present a radical alternative to development based on growth mindset that can liberate us from the agile rut. I’ll end with an exhortation that what it’s really all about is you and your growth as a world citizen rather than product success or that smokescreen called “teamwork” behind which individuals can hide their lackluster performance.

15:00 – 15:45

The Intersection of Architecture and Implementation

A common saying by software architects is “that’s an implementation detail”. All too often we treat software architecture and implementation as two separate things, where implementation is something that happens once a software architecture is defined. In fact, it’s the other way around: software architecture should be viewed as a first draft, where implementation reveals more details and refinements. In this provocative session Mark Richards discusses the intersection of architecture and implementation, and how the two must be in constant alignment to achieve success. Through real-world examples, he shows how implementation can get out of alignment with the architecture, causing the system to fail to achieve its desired goals. He then shows some techniques and tools to help ensure alignment between architecture and implementation.

16:00 – 16:45

Building Evolutionary Architectures

An evolutionary architecture supports incremental, guided change across multiple dimensions.

For many years, software architecture was described as the “parts that are hard to change later”. But then microservices showed that if architects build evolvability into the architecture, change becomes easier. This talk, based on my upcoming book, investigates the family of software architectures that support evolutionary change, along with how to build evolvable systems. Understanding how to evolve architecture requires understanding how architectural dimensions interact; I describe how to achieve appropriate coupling between components and services. Incremental change is critical for the mechanics of evolution; I cover how to build engineering and DevOps practices to support continuous change. Uncontrolled evolution leads to undesirable side effects; I cover how fitness functions build protective, testable scaffolding around critical parts to guide the architecture as it evolves.

The software development ecosystem exists in a state of dynamic equilibrium, where any new tool, framework, or technique leads to disruption and the establishment of a new equilibrium. Predictability is impossible when the foundation architects plan against changes constantly in unexpected ways. Instead, prefer evolvability over predictability. This talk illustrates how to achieve evolutionary architectures and how to retrofit existing systems to support better evolution.

16:45 – 17:00

Till next time, Cluj!

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MassMutual Romania is a technology partner of MassMutual, a leading financial services company in the U.S., with a legacy of more than 170 years. Established in 2020, the Romanian company is building an in-house team passionate about technology and innovation. We have expertise in software development, data science and a wide range of technologies. With offices in Bucharest and Cluj, and team members across the country, MassMutual Romania develops technological solutions that help MassMutual accelerate its digital capabilities and enable it for the next stage of growth in the digital-first world.

MassMutual Romania has been named Top Employer by, for a second year in a row, ranking on the 1st place of the IT&C sector for 2023, and second in the general market.

Nagarro - Codecamp


We excel at digital product engineering. We solve complex business challenges through agility and innovation. We call it thinking breakthroughs.


Siemens is a leading technology company that transforms the everyday of billions of people, with around 311,000 employees worldwide in 190 countries, and a revenue of €72.0 billion in 2022. Siemens helps its customers to increase production and resource efficiency by merging the real and the digital worlds in a continuous flow of data using cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), edge computing, cloud technologies, additive manufacturing, and industrial 5G technology.
Backed by a 175-year legacy, together with universities, research institutes, academic startups, and tech incubators, our experts conduct excellent research in our Siemens Research and Innovation Ecosystem.
Located in Brașov, Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest, Siemens’ Research & Development activity is represented by Advanta Development and Technology teams. Our experienced scientists, engineers, and software developers work together with PHD students, post docs and partners to shape the future and address today’s challenges with future technologies in a collaborative way, for #DigitalTransformation.
Siemens Advanta Development is involved in the development of hardware, software and automation products and solutions that #TransformTheEveryday.
Our colleagues in the IT Services & Solutions teams provide internal support services for various Siemens platforms. They are also involved in the automated testing and development of applications on Web, mobile or SAP platforms.
Our research and development top-notch colleagues are active in the fields of Electronic Design & Integrated Circuits, Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence, Software Systems & Processes Innovation and Cybersecurity & Trust.
Our Technology teams are focused on new design methodologies and advanced verification of the implementations made in ASIC and FPGA, analytics and Big Data, IT, Security Software and Systems Innovation, applied research based on computational models and artificial intelligence.
In our research sites in Europe, America and Asia experienced scientists– a sustainable future in which the digital transformation enables us to sustain and enhance the standard of living.
As the most desired employer in the engineering industry in Romania (Catalyst), we look forward to enabling the best future colleagues to shape the future. #BestPlaceToWork #TomorrowWithUs #TeamSiemens


OpenText is a world leader in Information Management, helping companies securely capture, govern and exchange information on a global scale. OpenText solves digital business challenges for customers, ranging from small and mid-sized businesses to the largest and most complex organizations in the world. With the world’s most complete and integrated Information Management platform, we empower our customers to organize, integrate and protect data and content as it flows through business processes inside and outside their organization.

Orange - Codecamp

Orange Services

Orange Services was created in 2013 and is a 100% owned subsidiary of Orange Group. As a technology services company, our DNA is in IT, but our teams also work in other domains including mobile networks and a number of commercial and business functions. Orange Services is one of the largest technology hubs in the Orange Group, working internationally for both Orange corporate functions and country operations.

Through a unique combination of cutting edge know-how and expertise, our teams provide a broad range of services: development and supervision of IT services (in domains such as Big Data, Cloud, M2M, IoT, TV, Connected Objects, …), design and development of IT infrastructure and desktop solutions, testing & planning for mobile networks, implementation of supply chain solutions and also improvement of commercial & business performance (BI, CRM, Analytics, Digital learning, Customer Care, …).

Visit us at:



Worldwide, we are known for our quality professional tools with lifetime warranty.

In Romania, we are known for the high quality and complex business software applications used by our business to support growth plans and strategies.
Here is the place where business leaders can rely on for creative and intelligent solutions to their unique challenges.
In an unstable world, we demonstrate trust, equilibrium, and continuity, for more than a century!


Garmin has been developing innovative products for pilots, sailors, drivers, golfers, runners, cyclists, mountaineers, swimmers, and many active people for over 30 years.

Built to last. Three simple words that describe our products, our company, our culture, our future. As a leading, worldwide provider of navigation, we are committed to making superior products for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, and sports that are an essential part of our customers’ lives.

Garmin Cluj is a development location within the group, with over 450 colleagues working enthusiastically on the development of future products in the aviation, automotive, fitness, outdoor, and marine sectors.
We like to encourage dreamers. But, it’s nice to wake up and live a fully conscious life at some point. So, we make it super simple to touch a good balance between working, dreaming, and enjoying life.

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Iulius Mall

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.NET Romania

Community group events (meetups, workshops, bootcamps) focused on Microsoft Technology Stack like .NET Framework, C#, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, Azure, Xamarin, IoT and more.

Transylvania Cloud

Cloud builders, developers and users from Transylvania, Romania and abroad.


We are Techcelerator, early-stage technology startups accelerator born
in Romania in 2018 and backed by GapMinder VC, a 45 mil euro fund.

Liberty Technology Park Cluj

Think of a place where several companies from the IT&C and R&D industries develop, connect, engage and foster inspiring people and creative ideas in a perpetual flux of innovative development.

This place is Liberty Technology Park Cluj, the first technological park in Romania, a park for creative ideas built in a revolutionary place designed to offer exceptional growth and quality environment for companies in the IT&C and R&D domains, all in one unique area both conceptually and architecturally.

We are a dynamic ecosystem for local and international companies driven by that particular vision that makes ideas come to life and businesses thrive.

Voxxed Days Cluj

These developer conferences bring together popular speakers, core developers of popular open-source technologies and professionals willing to share their knowledge and experiences. With several tracks on different topics, attendees can satisfy their curiosity and learn new skills while enjoying and having fun!

IT School

IT career accelerator!
Develop your potential and step into the IT universe!


IT jobs for beginners

Innovation Labs

Are you a young visionary that aims to build a tech start-up?
Join us to turn your tech vision into a product through fine-tuned mentorship, access to bleeding-edge technologies and interaction with top companies, mentors and angel investors.

Are you an innovative company looking to connect with the most vibrant innovation ecosystems?
Join the main university-based tech start-up accelerator program in Romania – and be part of a network that fosters innovation, collaboration and digital transformation.

Transilvania IT Cluster

Transilvania IT Cluster works at the intersection between entrepreneurship, researchers, innovators, and public administration, pushing forward discussion and action around digital transformation and thus enhancing community development through digitisation.

Founded in 2013 by Aries Transilvania, Transilvania IT Cluster was originally aimed to support employees of member companies in the acquisition process of technical and soft skills, as well as offer a platform of knowledge and training for the implementation of collaborative projects. While this continues to remain an important focus, Transilvania IT Cluster further developed to match the sector development in Cluj – Napoca.

DevOpsDays Ukraine

DevOpsDays Ukraine is a part of the global DevOpsDays family, focusing on the DevOps culture.
This September, we will host two evenings of online talks and discussions on the hottest DevOps topics, featuring top speakers such as Patrick Debois, the co-founder of the international DevOpsDays community; Charity Majors, the co-founder and CTO of @honeycombio; and Adriana Villela, the Senior Developer Advocate at Lightstep, to name just a few. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with Ukrainian speakers who will be discussing disaster recovery cases since February 2022.
Join us on September 14-15 and #StandWithUkraine

Cluj Startups

Transylvania Angels Network

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WINK | In your face. With grace is the first Romanian IT job board built with Software Engineers in mind.

Our goal is to bring more transparency, openness and diversity to the Romanian IT market.

We want to make the job search process for Software Engineers more enjoyable by gathering all job postings in Romania and presenting them in an informative way.

Our portal is not only for Developers but for everyone working in the IT industry: Engineers, SAP and System Admins, Product Managers, QAs and UX/UI Designers!

Romania Pozitiva

Good things about Romania.

Welcome to the positive information and education platform, Româ!


TechEvents is a free mobile app that brings together all the important tech events in the industry, with the aim of supporting the harmonious development of the IT community in Romania.