The One with Java 2021

 - 7 October 2021

Senior Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

Software Craftsman

Java Architect, Globant Cluj

Java Developer, Cognyte

Systems Architect, R Systems

Java architect and Tech lead, Globant Cluj

Product Manager, Mambu

Java Engineer, Cognizant Softvision

Java Champion, Independent Trainer

Practice Director, HCL Technologies

The speakers

Java has been around for a long time and it is still one of the most popular programming language among developers. An enormous amount of applications and websites will not work unless you have Java installed, and more are created every day.

Join us online for two days dedicated to Java and have all your questions answered by some of the world’s top experts and thought leaders in the field.


These high-end workshops allow you to dive deeper into specific topics related to software development. The masterclasses are taught by experts in the field and offer a more personalized and interactive learning experience. You get to work closely with the instructor and other colleagues in a small-group setting and ask questions and get feedback in real time. Overall, they are a unique and valuable opportunity for anyone looking to expand their knowledge and expertise in software development and IT.


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13:50 – 14:00


14:00 – 15:00

Unleash Refactoring – Detecting and Fixing Code Smells

The only way to survive in a codebase is by refactoring continuously – we are all increasingly aware of this. But when working with massive complex code, it’s sometimes hard to see the design issues in the code. Being able to quickly identify code smells is a game changer, as all of them have a number of classic solutions. This talk takes you through some of the most dangerous code smells in the projects today: God Class, Duplicated Code vs Divergent Code, Temporal Coupling, Middle Man, Speculative Generality, Accumulator Loop, Comments, and more. For each of them we’ll discuss a typical workaround, plus several subtleties and variations. Join this live-coding session to taste and get addicted to refactoring.

15:00 – 16:00

Writing Great Java Code

Rather than being a presentation with a large power point, this is a practical demonstration. I’ll start with a large block of code, that I have been asked to work on and ‘ticket’ that describes what I have to do.
I’ll review the existing code, show how it needs to be refactored before I start working on it. I’ll then refactor the code in line with modern design principles showing how everything we do should be designed to make the code more testable and easy to change.
During the refactoring I will be explaining why object orientation is no longer relevant in Java, and has been de-facto replaced by functional programming.

16:00 – 17:00

Moving Java to Telco Cloud

While there are many alternatives for cloud-native CI/CD workflows in the community, selecting the right technology brings on a whole different challenge in the telecom industry.
Up-time in the high 9s for millions of subscribers of tier-1 operators – what does this level of stability and performance require?
Let’s discuss the challenges and solutions with focus on testing and code-coverage – all in the context of Java being the programming language behind most of the projects scheduled to benefit from these CI/CD workflows.

17:00 – 18:00

How to write code 2x faster

Most of the work as a programmer isn’t typing, it’s thinking. Faster thinking comes with experience, while faster typing can be developed quite early with the help of a good tool. In this session, you will get to see how to type faster using Intellij. Don’t blame your tool, just take the best out of it! #java #codefaster #intellij #beefficient

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